Why you should get a dashcam.

Many people wonder why they should buy a dashcam.

Truth be told I used to ask myself the same question. I felt like I had been driving a long time and if I did not need one before why would I need one now? It was not until I actually sat down and looked more into it that I realized that I was actually worse off by not having one. Turns out there are many reasons that you should own a dashcam, some of which you may never even think of.

1. Dashcams have the ability to provide evidence.

I am sure that I would be correct in assuming that most people have been in an accident at some point in their lives. This means we have all had to go through the game the insurance companies deciding who’s fault the accident was etc. I also feel that many of us have been wrongfully determined to be at fault for different reasons.Personally I had an issue where a group of people were driving together and took U turns on red, with my light green. Of course the other person in the accident with said that their light was green, and with no witness in my corner it was deemed to be my fault. A dashcam could have been greatly influential in changing that if I had video of the fact I was going through a green light.

2. Dashcams can catch those rare moments you would otherwise miss.

Just think of how many times you have been driving and seen something for a split second that you wish you could have gotten a photo or video of? This could be anything, some bizarre car, some road rage incident, even something like a double rainbow. Also many people are into fancy cars, myself included. I always used to catch myself trying to take a picture of a random Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc that I saw while driving, most the time ending up with no picture or a horrible picture. This not even considering the fact it was dangerous. Now I don’t worry because as long as it passed by the front of my car I have a video already with no further input.

3. Parking lot damages.

Ever come out from the grocery store and see a big scratch or some other damage where someone has hit your vehicle? Of course at this point the culprit is nowhere to be found, and you are stuck with the bill. If you got a dashcam, this could be preventable. Since most dashcams run off battery they can stay powered on while the vehicle is parked. This means that there could be clear video of the collision or incident that damaged your vehicle. This can include the offending car’s license plate or the person’s face.

4. Dashcams help chronicle where you have been.

Another reason to have a dashcam is to keep a history of your travels. For example if you travel a lot, you can have footage. Take a road trip across the country? You can have video of the mountains in Colorado, the deserts in Arizona, and even the skyscrapers of large cities. A dashcam can make all your road trips into new home videos.

As stated there were multiple reasons to own a dashcam.

That doesn’t even include things like preventing insurance fraud (like someone saying you hit them and you didn’t). Or say you have a sports car you take to the track, a dashcam would be a good way to show everyone your adventure.

So a quick recap in conclusion

Dashcams are great to have and are for more than just protecting yourself. I highly recommend everyone to get a dashcam for their personal vehicles.

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