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Garmin Dash Cam 35 Review

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You really have to watch what you buy these days, there are a lot of low quality generic electronics that have come out. Not to say there aren’t great new brands, however you can’t really go wrong by sticking with a tried and tested brand like Garmin.

Garmin had been in the in-car electronics market for a very long time with their navigation systems. Now that they have gotten into dash cams, you can expect the same quality. The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is their top tier stand alone unit.

The Dash Cam 35 offers crystal clear 1080p (720p also an option) video through a wide angle lens with an excellent field of view. It includes a 3 inch screen for video playback on the unit along with a cast of other useful features.

G Sensor Incident Detection

The Dash Cam 35 has a built in G sensor. This means it has the ability to record and save video whenever it detects a collision or incident strong enough to trigger the sensor. This means you don’t have to worry in the case of a collision as the recording has been saved for you

Forward Collision Warning

Forward collision warning is a very handy feature. The Dash Cam 35 will detect if you are driving too close to the vehicle ahead and a collision is possible. This is a feature that has become popular with higher priced vehicles, and with the Dash Cam 35 you can even have it even in your 95 Civic.

Red Light & Speed Camera Warnings

More and more red light cameras are being put up every day. Not saying people should be speeding and running red lights, because that is not the case at all. It would always be nice however to know whenever one of these cameras is near by. The Dash Cam 35 makes that happen. To be completely fair, being as a database is being used, this feature is actually a subscription based service.

The Dash Cam 35 also has a range of more common features that you would expect in a quality dash cam, like GPS tracking for the time and location of the video, and the ability to take still images. Also featured is a low light, or night vision style mode for recording in the dark.

Setup is simple, just remove the unit from the box, attach the mount, install and SD card (4gb included up to 64gb supported, we recommend this one) and plug it up. When the card is full, the camera will loop, overwriting the oldest recording with the current one. Every second the device is plugged in, video is being recorded (you can see this via a red indicator light). Even when the vehicle’s off the battery can last up to 30 minutes of recording. This recording can be played back on the camera itself, or with Garmin’s Dash Cam Player software on your PC or MAC.

Now for the cons. There aren’t too many, but definitely notable. First off is the mount. The mount included is a adhesive mount as opposed to a suction style mount. This would mean there are no worries of a suction style coming loose in the event of a crash, but once you have placed the adhesive mount it is permanent. No moving around the windshield if you do not like your original choice, or between multiple vehicles. Second is the unit has no audio capability. This could be a deal breaker for some, and unimportant for others. I personally never really cared, but it still should have been included.

garmin dash cam 35

In Conclusion

The Garmin Dash Cam 35 is a great little camera. It should do everything you need it to do, and be a lasting quality product. Assuming that you do not need to record audio or move it between vehicles.

4 out of 5

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